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If you wish to join the Italian Club Johannesburg as a Member – please download the application
form below and this years Membership fee structure or email for information.

Download Application Form

2020 Membership Fees

Obtain a Membership Application Form from or collect one from the Club Office.

Complete the Application Form and hand it back to the office staff.

This information is confidential and will never be made available to a third party.

Download the document below for Terms & conditions, which includes membership benefits.

2020 Terms & Conditions




As per the Italian Club Johannesburg Constitution, it is obligatory that Membership Applications follow the standard procedures required.

Chapter 3 Article 7a Admission of Members:
“Anyone wishing to become a Club Member is to complete the relevant Application Form, endorsed by two introductory members, and forward it to the Secretary of the Club. On receiving the Application, the Secretary will advertise it on the relevant notice board for public
viewing. After two weeks, the Application will be presented for approval to the Executive Committee. Members may oppose the Application of a candidate providing they have valid reasons. Members will address their objections to the Executive Committee, prior to the
Application been put to the vote. The Executive Committee, in addition, reserves the right to reject the admission of any applicant, without having to furnish any reason to whom-so-ever. ”

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